I can't believe it.

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    This is a deep cultural reference to a long-running Peanuts story line and an associated reference to the plea of Isaiah.
    Sorry, there is no point in trying to explain in less than half an hour.
    Thank you.
    According to your comment, my understanding has risen to 10% from 0%.:)
    OK. It's something related to Bible story.
    I'm going to consider more than half a day, and then, I'll post next question.;)


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    Actually, I think if your question is just about Charlie Brown saying "I can't believe it!" then it might be a little easier to explain. Basically, Lucy (that's the girl's name) is always trying to trick Charlie Brown by holding the football like that for him to punt it. Every time, she pulls the ball away as he's kicking, and he falls. This happens repeatedly over the life of the comic until it's completely obvious to the audience, even to Charlie Brown, what she's going to do. Charlie Brown says "I don't believe it!" here to refer to the fact that she's pulling the same trick on him, and he can't believe he's about to fall for Lucy's trick again. Even though he knows she's going to move the ball, he tries to kick it anyway.

    Hopefully that takes slightly less that half a day to figure out.;)


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    Oh, I see. Thanks Adge.
    You got me hyperspace travel, and saved eleven hours and thirty minutes for me. (Actually I can't know that background even in a week or a month.)

    Now I'll face to the Bible matter....
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