I care for you very much

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  1. andre.BO Senior Member

    Imola (Bologna)
    How would you say in Spanish " I care for you very much" ?
    It`s meant to be said to your girlfriend/boyfriend or very special friend of yours, with the aim to convey a feeling of identification, closeness and fondness.

    I care for you it`s the most common expression to say what I`ve just tried to explain. You can hear it quite often and I dare say it is used when your relationship is directing to a love bond , but it hasn`t become it yet.

    thank you very much in advance
  2. Sallyb36

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    British UK
    te tengo mucho cariño
  3. Yyrkoon

    Yyrkoon Senior Member

    Me preocupo mucho por ti.
  4. Sugusmile New Member

    Spain (Spanish and Catalan)
    Hi andre.BO!

    This is difficult to say in Spanish. What I undestood from your explanation is that you feel something very strong and/or especial for someone but you don't want to call it "love" yet...if this is the case then what I would say in Spanish is "ERES MUY ESPECIAL PARA MI" another way to say it would be "TE QUIERO MUCHO" but if you say so to a friendgirl/boy this can be undestood as "I love you" on the other hand if you say it to a friend then it is find because it won't be undestood as a "love thing".

    I hope this may help you.
  5. andre.BO Senior Member

    Imola (Bologna)
    All your answers are being very useful for me .. you are sewing such an interesting forum about this Thread!
  6. Soulcruz

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    "te aprecio mucho" i use to say to my male friends, to (like you said) don´t show them more than sympathy.

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