I care for you vs I care about you

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    Both are translated as "me importas" in Spanish. I wonder if there is any difference between them.

    I have heard that one of them is used in romantic contexts and the other in friendly context.

    Could you clarify me?

    Sorry, I was forgetting this little questions as well.
    I don't matter to you= I don't care for you
    I matter to you= I care for you
    does it sound standard english?

  2. miss sparkles

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    I care for you and I care about you are exactly the same, I would say!

    I don't matter to you does not equal I don't care for you. "I don't matter to you" is closer to "You don't care for me." But "I don't matter to you" is not very common.

    Likewise, I matter to you is closer to You care for me than to "I care for you."
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    "I care for you" and "I care about you" do mean the same thing, but it is better to use "I care about you" in speech and in writing.

    You might read the phrase, "I care for you" in an old English book, but it is not used much these days.
  4. Tazzler Senior Member

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    I would say the latter. However, "to care for someone" also means "atender a alguien".
  5. To my mind (maybe cause I am older?) "I care about you" is just slightly more distant. It can have the second meaning of "I am concerned about what happens to you" as opposed to a closer, more affectionate intention.

    To me, "I care for you" indicates more affection - a close friend, family member or lover. If my lover were to say to me "I care about you" I would not think it particularly romantic (unless I was going into a dangerous situation.)

    It is however a very subtle difference. (IMHO)

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