I cared so much about what I look like

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"I have spent thirty-odd years working in the fashion trade.For years of my life i cared so much about what i look like that i was conscious if there was a strand or two less of thread on one button than on its neighbout; I am aware of the imporession i make entering a room,or on colleagues,....."

What does she care about much? what is the simple sentence?
Thank you!
  • JamesM

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    She was so concerned with her appearance that she would notice if one button had less thread holding it onto the garment than another button. It sounds a bit obsessive to me, but I don't work in fashion.


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    What she cares about is what she looks like.

    Perhaps you would understand it more easily if the writer had constructed it thus:

    "I cared about what I look(ed) like to such a degree that I ..."
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