I carry your heart

Discussion in 'Русский (Russian)' started by eva527, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. eva527 New Member

    Can someone tell me how to say "I carry your heart" in Russian? It's a line from the English poet EE Cummings.

    Thank you!!
  2. gvozd Senior Member

    Я несу́ твоё се́рдце/Я ношу́ твоё се́рдце
  3. eva527 New Member

    What mistakes are you referring to?
    Does the "/" mean there are two ways of translating the same sentence?
  4. gvozd Senior Member

    1. In my signature I ask people to correct me if they are not too lazy. I'd like to improve my poor English:)
    2. To be more precise, I was confused when I found on the Internet "Я несу" for that particular verses because this means 'I am carrying'. But I decided to provide it anyway. Sorry if that misled you.
  5. eva527 New Member

    I understand. Thank you very much, your translation is very helpful!
  6. LilianaB Banned

    US New York
    There can be five ways of translating this sentence, or even fifteen. Which poem does the line come from. Can you quote more, please.
  7. LilianaB Banned

    US New York
    I read the poem. I think it should be: я держу твoе сердце.
  8. eva527 New Member

    Thank you very much!

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