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    Hello, :) Well, this is my first question here..
    As the title said, I want to know how to say

    1. "I chose..."
    I know we can use 選ぶ but I don't know how to put them together correctly. Which particle is needed and such things.
    for example, "I don't know why did I choose this title, 'ABC'" and some other examples will be really appreciated.


    This got something to do with a Japanese speech contest I was asked to enter, and my teacher asked me to make the text alone first T.T
    But, I really want to learn the correct way to say those things.

    Thank you so much :)
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    See 'I(thy17) choose coffee'. 私はコーヒーを選びます。

    You do an action: choose. You, the actor, does the action. Okay..and there's something involved in your action: coffee. And this coffee is something you take. Use particle を. This is rough guidance. Check carefully with your dictionary which verb requires which particle!
  3. Hi Thy17,

    (If it's the past tense) You could say;
    私は~を選んだ(わたしは~をえらんだ)in the plain form, or
    私は~を選びました(わたしは~をえらびました)in the polite form.

    You need the particle を after an objective word for 選ぶ.

    "I don't know why I chose this title 'ABC'." can translate to 私はどうしてABCという題名(だいめい)を選んだのかわからない or わかりません.

    私は白いドレスを選んだ / 選びました。(I chose a white dress.)
    私たちは彼を指導者(しどうしゃ)に選んだ / 選びました。(We chose him for our leader.)

    Hope it helps :)

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