"I couldn't get my car engine started."

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Yesterday when I was about to go home, I could not get my car engine started. I am wondering if it is alright to say "I couldn't get my car engine started." Are there better or alternative ways of saying it? Thanks.
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    Here in Australia we try to keep things as compressed as possible. "I couldn't get my car engine started." is fine but we would probably say "I couldn't get the engine started." This would be more common, at least down here. BE and AE suggestions?
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    That's OK, but it would be better if you left out "engine".

    My car wouldn't start.
    I couldn't start my car.
    The car wouldn't start.
    There are lots of ways to say this.


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    Formal Maine AE: Couldn't get the car to start.
    Colloquial Maine AE: Car wouldn't start.

    Emphatic Maine AE: Damned engine wouldn't start. No more use than a tourist.
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