I couldn't help but picture

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How can I translate this

I couldn’t help but picture that scene from the TV news earlier in the year when a U.S. soldier celebrated the invasion of Baghdad by climbing up a statue of Saddam and covering his bronze mustachioed face with the Stars and Stripes, a gesture that was both unfortunate as PR and improper flag etiquette.

Is it correct if I translate it as

No podía que por menos acordarme /imaginarme /ver?? esta escena de las noticias en la Television

Thank you
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    I'd say, for example: No pude evitar recordar esa escena de las noticias/que salió o apareció en las noticias ... en la que .... (Just 'noticias' is okay to me; no need to say: 'noticias de/en la televisión').

    If you use 'acordarme', you need 'acordarme de'. I suppose 'recordar/acordarse' is not too literal, but it's fine here in my opinion. 'Podía' is correct; it depends on the whole context.

    Let's see what others say. Saludos.
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