I cut myself on the Brie.


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Note de modération : fil séparé de pointing the brie.

I have an expression here... which I found in a novel... One of the character says : "we were having a champagne - I cut myself on the Brie !...“
It seems to me that the Brie, in that case, means le rebord du goulot de la bouteille, because it has the shape of a (small) wheel of cheese...-
Would you say it seems right, anyone? Thank you all...
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    C'est difficile d'imaginer la scène, d'autant que ni le fromage ni le goulot non ébréché d'une bouteille n'est coupant.

    Y aurait-il un jeu de mots entre brim et Brie, ou une mauvaise prononciation parce que la personne a trop bu ?

    "we were having a champagne" est bizarre aussi.

    Quel est ce roman ?

    Uncle Bob

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    "we were having a champagne" est bizarre aussi

    Often used as an abbreviation for "a glass of...".

    I wonder if it is meant as a joke indicating how clumsy he/she is...cutting oneself on Brie cheese being virtually impossible.