I demand that this be a mutual relation

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I want to use "demand" so if you know any other word you can suggest.here is the sentence:

"I demand that this be a mutual relation between me who is officially introduced to unepas the coordinator of project of the republic of czech and you as un project coordinator and unep projects coordinator in Iran."

the whole sentence wants to say that the person wants a mutual relation between himself and another coordinator. that's it
I would appreciate it if you could help me out with this
  • aztlaniano

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    Welcome, Khpunk ! :)
    "Demand" is rather strong. You could use "request" or "suggest".
    How many people are involved in total? You need some commas, I think, and capital letters for proper names and acronyms (the Czech Republic, UNEP).


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    "Not that this quote is of any interest..." - James has already mentioned that we don't use a subjunctive form there; that holds for AE and BrE as well.

    Not that my post is likely to change your mind if you are determined to use the subjunctive anyway.:D
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