I did running last weekend

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Dear all,

I am not sure if the meaning of my sentence is fine.
Let's suppose that I said on Tuesday and I mean Saturday/Sunday that was 2/3 days ago.

1. I did running last weekend.
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    We would not say "at the weekend" in the USA (at least I would not).

    I went running last weekend.
    I went running on the weekend.
    I am planning on running next weekend.


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    You can say, "I did my marathon training last weekend; I ran 10 miles on Saturday and 15 miles on Sunday. During the week I generally just run five to eight miles per evening."


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    You could also use the simple past: I ran last weekend.
    Yes, that is true. In speech, we tend to prefer expressing these activities as nouns or in the -ing form:

    I went running/I went for a run
    I went swimming/I went for a swim
    I went jogging/I went for a jog
    I went walking/I went for a walk
    I went cycling/biking/roller-blading/dancing
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