I do declare.


A resident of an apartment building is doing some gardening with his flowers by the house. A woman, a neighbour, tells him:
Woman: Say, I wouldn't dig so deep if I were you. You're giving them far too much water.
Man: Why don't you shut up?
Woman, mumbling resentfully: Well! I do declare.
Rear Window, film

What does this mean, please?
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    Well, I declare: an exclamation of incredulity, surprise, or vexation. "‘Well, I do declare! It's Annabelle!’"

    When you put a "do" in there, it strengthens the sentiment. In this case, it is an expression of all three adjectives by a person who can’t believe what she just heard.


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    I think that is a USA "southernism". I would be shocked to hear it in New York. It may even be archaic.
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