I do not wish to self-identify

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  1. Aristoteles Senior Member

    Peru - español
    Good day:
    Filling out an application for a job through the internet, there were a few questions about gender, race, veteran and disability; then at the bottom appeared a checkbox with the following line "i do not wish to self-identify". Could someone explain this to me?
    Thank you.
  2. djangli Member

    usa english
    please consider my application independent of these attributes.
  3. Guillermodice New Member

    Spain-Castellano // Inglés
    It might mean:

    I do not think this is relevant and therefore I do not want to answer.

  4. anita lebreton New Member

    This means that this person (I) does not wish to identify herself or himself as a visible or a sexual minority.
  5. Aristoteles Senior Member

    Peru - español
    Thank you very much all of you. I become to understand better why there is that option in those kind of applications. Especially the last quote help me more to understanding it.

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