I don't know how they go anymore

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This is from a transcribed conversation between 2 females.
I didn't understand what the sentence meant.
Here is the whole context. Thanks!

A: When I was a kid, there was no such thing as car seats.

B: Uh huh.

A: And, I would stand up in the car. I was short enough. I was little enough that I could stand up in the car beside him while he was driving and I would put my arm around him and we would just wail away at the songs on the radio.

B: Uh hum.

A: We are talking songs like Charlie Pride and Charlie Rich and all of those old guys, you know, “When You Get Behind Closed Doors” and “Put Your Head Up on My Pillow”. I don’t know how they go anymore.
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    To ask about how a song or a piece music goes means "what is the tune/what are the lyrics". Speaker A doesn't remember (or fully remember) the tunes and words to these songs any more. For example:
    "How does that old song go again?" (Remind me of the words and/or tune to this song.)
    "It goes like this... [demonstrates]"

    It an also be used for verse, a line or passage from a book or play, etc.
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