I don't know?

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Odd request but does this 'Ben Bilemy' translate to anything in Turkish? Some online translators are suggesting this means 'I don't know'.
I'm pretty sure Ben does mean I/Myself, and I see some words close to Bilemy when I google the phrase but I'm not convinced that this exact phrasing works.

Why i'm asking... I'm trying to trace the real identity of a deceased hiker who signed his name in hostel guestbooks as Ben Bilemy we are trying to work out if he was signing his name as 'I don't know' or similar.
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    There is no such a phrase in Turkish, but there are phrases such as "ben bilmiyorum", "ben bilemem", "bilmiyorum" etc. Yes, "Ben" means "I" in Turkish, but "Bilemy" is not a Turkish word. However the deceased hiker might have made a word play.


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    Bilemy alone ,does not mean anything in that form if you have written it correctly.
    but if you write that word as this "bilmiy" ,this is dialectial turkish ,but in this case,the pronoun is incorrect.
    because it should be exactly like this "o bilmiy"
    then this means "he/she does not know" but as I said this is dialectial turkish.
    I can also say that in elite turkish or in other words ,if you pronunciate this phrase in somewhere like istanbul or maybe izmir ,then attemption that will be routed to you will make you feel yourself a bit "ridiculous" :) :)
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