I don't like it as well.


Chinese, Taiwan
Hi, everyone.
I don't like it as well.
Also, I don't like it.
Are these two sentences correct?
Thanks in advance.
  • Neither would be good in BE.

    We would say 'I don't like it either'.

    If both parties do like it, we'd say 'I like it too'.
    I think if you are in an argument, "Also, I don't like it" would be found. It is more likely to be heard verbally than be seen written.
    "I don't like it, either." I wonder, is it necessary to separate those kind of words from the rest of the sentence by commas? Sometimes I've seen them written in that manner: "I am there, too."
    And I agree with Setwale Charm, in that it sounds as if you could be saying something else in addition to such statement. For example: "I have moral reasons for refusing to wear a speedo. Also, I don't like it."
    Or something.