I don't like share facilities with other people (eg,share a kitchen in an rented apartment)


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I was talking about renting apartments with friends. Where I live, a few families may rent a multi-room apartment, each of them lives in a room; they need to share the kitchen, the washing room, the living room, etc.
There are also studio apartments suitable for one family only; it has only one room, but also has a small kitchen and a washing room. This kind of apartment is small, but you don't have to share with others facilities like kitchens, washiing rooms, etc.

I said "I don't like to rent an apartment with other people, because I don't like to share facilities."

I am wondering if the bold part is natural there.

Thank you.
  • Cagey

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    In ordinary speech, we wouldn't say use 'facilities' that way.
    Possibly we would say "I don't like to share the cooking and bathroom facilities."
    But in reality, I would probably say "I don't like to share the kitchen and bathroom."

    "Bathroom" is the American word for the room containing the toilet and room for washing. I assume that is what you mean by 'washing room'. The British use a different word.


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    Hi, Cagey. Thank you for the suggestion and letting me know "bathroom".

    From what you suggested, I think there may be not a general word to express my meaning if I don't want to limit the facilities to "the kitchen and bathroom". (Living in the same apartment shares more "facilities" and things than just "the kitchen and bathroom").


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    It used to be the case that if you wanted to use the toilet you would say: May I use the facilities?

    This doesn't bother me very much: but you don't have to share facilities with others like kitchens, bathrooms, etc. But Cagey's example is better.

    In AE, I think one polite way to say it would be, You don't have to share common rooms.

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    Hi xuliang
    'Facilities' sounds fine to me. I would certainly have an immediate general understanding of why you don't liked shared accommodation, although I'd want to make sure in greater detail. I think I would assume that 'facilities' means the bathrooms and toilets, the kitchen, and the laundry for clothes washing.

    This sounds rather like some university student hostel accommodation or sharing a house.
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