I don't see any kids running in the park.


How would you translate this sentence into Russian.

My try - Не вижу детей кoтотрые бегают по парку.

What is the correct translation.
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  • Rosett

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    "Не вижу никаких детей, что бы бегали по парку".

    Vadim K

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    Russian - Russia
    Не вижу детей, бегающих по парку.

    I do not know why but "I can't see any children" sounds better to me.


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    I would have said "Не вижу, чтобы дети бегали по парку."

    Vadim's answer was my second choice, but I think it is too formal.

    I do not know why but "I can't see any children" sounds better to me.
    You mean for the English? It really depends on the context, but I think "I don't see" is better.
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    If there are kids running in the park and you can't see them, use Vadim K's variant where the participle phrase modifies the noun (but that's not what the English phrase means).

    If as far as you can see, there's no kids running in the park, use Drink's (preferrably) or Rosett's variants (but the бы should be written separately since it's part of the verb in the subjunctive mood and not of the conjunction).


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    I would agree that the difference is quite negligible, but disagree with the explanation.

    "По парку" implies not the whole park, but just some area of the park.
    "В парке" is quite neutral and makes no assumptions. One could even run in place. You can't run in place "по парку", but can run in place "в парке".

    I guess, the difference is the same as between "I run around the park at least twice a week" and "I run in the park at least twice a week".
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