I don't speak a lot of German yet


Canada, Francais
Hello everyone.

I'm French from Canada.. and I am trying to write a liltle something to someone in Austria and she speaks German. I am actually taking German class but it is very basic...

So if you could help me, it would be so appreciated!

Here is what I want to write!

< ... >I'm from Canada and don't speak a lot of German yet. < ... >

< .... > Ich wohne in Canada und spreiche sehr gut in Deutch noch. < ... >

As you can see I started my class 2 months ago ( once a week) and we didn't do a lot!!! ( Numbers, Introduction, Food, We started some prepositions but it is very confusing! ) So I'm not that good! But I want to get better so if you can help me, thanks in advance!!! And don't feel bad I know there are mistakes in this tiny text!

thank you
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  • Kuestenwache

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    Correctly It should be:
    "< ... > Ich wohne in Kanada und spreche noch nicht sehr gut Deutsch. < ... >

    "Ich spreche sehr gut Deutsch noch" would, besides of it's rather akward semantics, mean that you speak German very well. In "noch nicht" "noch means "yet" and "nicht" means "not" I get, why you obviously mixed them up.
    < ... >
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