I don't think I will be able to

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  1. boccadirosa New Member

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    I don't think I will be able to sustain the oral test tomorrow.

    My attempt: No creo que estaré en condiciones de sustener la interrogaciòn mañana.

    My doubt is especially about "estàr", because I know after verbs such as "creer" you should use el subjuntivo (because it's personal opinion, not fact), but I'm not sure how to make it future? Maybe just "esté en condiciones", so using the subjuntivo presente?
    Oh, I'm writing this to my Spanish teacher because I'm ill and my throat is so swollen I can't even speak anymore! ugh

    Gracias in advance :)
  2. geostan

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    Too complicated. Why not say simply: No creo poder presentarme a la interrogación/prueba oral mañana.
  3. loudspeaker Senior Member

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    Yo diría:

    No creo que mañana esté en condiciones de hacer el examen oral.

    Creo que mañana no estaré en condiciones de hacer el examen oral.
  4. jlcgaso

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    The first one is actually a more accurate translation.

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