"I don't want to eat yet", "Is there any food?"

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    אני יכול לומר "אני לא רוצה לאכול" ו"יש אוכל?"

    But I'm not sure what the word for "yet" or "any" is in Hebrew, or how the sentence might change.

    I know "עוד לא" means "not yet", but I put "עוד" at the end of "אני לא רוצה לאכול" and it translated it as "I don't want to eat more." With this sentence, would it be correct to say "אני עוד לא רוצה לאכול"?

    With the second sentence, I have been told that "איזה" can also mean "any", is this correct? I can say: "יש איזה אוכל?"?

    I appreciate any help, thank you very much!
  2. Tararam Senior Member

    "עוד" is both "more" and "still/yet".
    "אני עוד לא רוצה לאכול" = "I don't want to eat yet" (I want to eat later...).
    "אני לא רוצה לאכול עוד" = "I don't want to eat anymore" (I've had enough).

    In "I don't want to eat anymore" you can replace "עוד" at the end with "יותר" in colloquial speech.

    Regarding the second sentence "Is there any food?", you can simply say "יש אוכל?" or "יש משהו לאכול?"
    מה שהוא = משהו = something.
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    Ah, thank you very much!

    So you don't need to use the word "any" at all? Interesting...

    Toda raba!

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