I ejaculate too/very early/soon. (when having sex)

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  1. sb70012

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    I'm looking for a verb of "early ejaculation". I mean when a man experiences orgasm and expels semen soon after sexual activity and with minimal penile stimulation. I want to use it in the following self-made dialogue:

    Doctor: How can I help you?
    Patient: Doctor, I can't have a good sex with my wife.
    Doctor: Why? What's the problem?
    Patient: Because I ejaculate too/very early/soon. My sex just takes two minutes.

    Doctor: I will prescribe some pills for you.

    I don't know how to say the blue part. How do you say the blue part?

    Thank you.
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    I think "'too soon" would work. Note that "premature ejaculation" is the medical expression, so "prematurely" would also work. But in layman's terms:

    Doctor: What's the problem?
    Patient: I ejaculate too soon – in less than two minutes.
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  3. sb70012

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    Thank you. I got it.

    Now I have two more questions:

    What's its opposite?

    Can we say "I ejaculate too late."?

    If yes, then what's the more formal and medical term for it? Both its noun and verb.
  4. Copyright

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    I have difficulty ejaculating.
    I have difficulty reaching a climax.
    I have difficulty reaching an orgasm.

    The first sounds like more of a mechanical problem with the body, while there might be other reasons with the last two. (Not that I'm a medical doctor or psychologist.)
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    I think more and more medical expressons are being popularised, and I think these days, the patient might actually say, 'I suffer from premature ejaculation'. If the patient was trying to avoid the medical term, he might say, 'I (get over-excited and) come too quickly.'
  6. RedwoodGrove

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    Yes, "come too soon/quickly/early" are idiomatic.

    >Did you come early or late to the party?
    <No, it was an orgy and I came early, late, and often at the party."
  7. sb70012

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    Thank you.

    So, the opposite will be:

    I come late.
    I ejaculate too late.

    Am I right?
  8. Myridon

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    No. What would "too late" mean? Some time the next day?
    I think you mean "I take too long to come."

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