I faded from the scene without a legacy behind

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this sentence is taken from a story of two sportmen. One become famous and the other become not famous,always in the shadow of the first!. And this last one said " and I faded from the scene without a legacy behind"

it is difficult for me to traduce exactly this sentence. Because of the word legacy, the direct translation do not catch with the story

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  • akaAJ

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    The English is a little rickety in the quote and elsewhere: without leaving a legacy behind. "Traduce" = "calomnier", un faux ami. Your comment should probably read "It is difficult for me to translate this sentence exactly. The word "legacy" doesn't seem to fit in with the meaning of the rest of the story/sentence" As slevinkelevra shows, it does fit. One question: isn't it "disparus" ?

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