I feel empty inside

Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by Seikun, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. Seikun

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    Chile - Castellano
    I was wondering how I can say this in Japanese as when you feel you need someone else's love/affection when you don't have it.

    I did a research on google and also used a Japanese word text processor, but I failed. The word 空 always came up in most of my attempts, but I don't know if that word can be used in this sense...

    There were many options in the dictionary my JWTP possesses and as my Japanese is very poor I couldn't decide what word would best fit.

    Thanks in advance^^
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  2. Tonky Senior Member

    The most common one would be 「心が空(から)っぽです」(My heart is empty.)

    Or,「虚(むな)しいです」 (I fee empty/Everything looks fruitless/No meanings in life.)

    First one is also used after you get your heart broken, and the second one may fit better when you cannot find anyone to love.
    If you see some other options, copy-paste them and someone here can tell you if it fits or not.
  3. frequency

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    Tokyo, Japan
    We often say 心が空っぽだ。(That's why you need love.)

    This is 'My heart is empty', and is just a matter of how we say/express.
  4. Seikun

    Seikun Senior Member

    Chile - Castellano
    I have seen 空っぽ in some lyrics (romaji versions).

    So it is -na adjective.

    Thank you guys for helping me out with this^^

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