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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by neoarcangel, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. neoarcangel Senior Member

    Hi, Iam trying to say the sentence .

    "The morning wind I feel fine to me"

    But I don't know if I do the correct way.

    I think that it is like this.


    but 気持ちい I think that it is not correct.

    I test too another sentences


    with いい and 元気.....can be it is correct to say "feel fine"?

    Thanks in advantage.
  2. Tonky Senior Member

    Maybe you mean, 朝の冷(つめ)たい風? cold wind that others may hate but you like?
    Or 朝の冷たい空気(くうき)? the cold air that surrounds you in the morning?

    possibly 朝の涼(すず)しい風? cool breeze that some others would feel fine too?
    ex. 朝の涼しい風は気持ちいいです。(No 「私には」 in that case.)
    Cannot tell which you want to say from just that sentence.
  3. neoarcangel Senior Member

    I think that you have understand that which is the correct way to say a kind of wind. That it is not that I am searching.
    my sentence of before is only a reference of context to say "feel fine"
    If you see more easy I try another sentences, but my idea is say "feel fine" correctly

    For example
    "when I wake up, I feel fine."
    私が目を覚ますとき、私は気持ちいい。(I think that it will be this sentence.)

    "when I go running around the park, I feel fine, I feel encouraged"

    Both sentences have a same objetive and it is to know how to say correctly "feel fine".
  4. Tonky Senior Member

    My bad, I see.

    I cannot really give you a fixed phrase for "feel fine" in Japanese.
    But maybe 「気分(きぶん)がいい」 can be the one you are looking for?

    This one is hard. Not really sure which you mean, but,
    Every time I wake up in the morning, I feel fine.← may imply the speaker does not always wake up in the morning.
    When I wake up, I feel fine. ← may imply "not feeling fine after that" or something along the line)
  5. 涼宮

    涼宮 Senior Member

    Sbaeneg/Castellano (Venezuela)
    Tonkyさん, I agree, 気分がいい is good, but what about 気が済む? I think it may fit, too, in contexts when one does an activity. Neoarcangel seems to have asked about a general way to say feel fine, but JP has a bunch of expressions for that. 気が済む should fit in contexts where you feel fine doing something.


    Correct me if I'm wrong :)
  6. Tonky Senior Member

    涼宮さん、it does indeed fit :p, but I'm afraid that the meaning changes a bit.
    It sounds more like you had some complaints and wanted to satisfy yourself by using up your negative energy through jogging? as in, one of ストレス解消 (getting rid of stress) methods?
    気が済む implies that you had this certain negative 気, and you do away with it, in this case, you had a terrible feeling for a certain reason and did something else to satisfy your feeling.
    So, yes, if you were feeling really stressed or had a fight or argument with someone at work, then you go jogging and you feel fine, that would be 気が済む.

    As you mentioned, there are many expressions for feeling good, depending on contexts :)
    The hardest part is that the case fitting in English contexts does not always fit for the one in Japanese, unfortunately.
  7. neoarcangel Senior Member

    Both, thanks a lot.
    While I am studying more japanese. I realise more than there are a lot of synonymous. I would not knew at all 気分 neither 気が済む. I would knew 気持ちい or 元気.
    Thanks a lot, Now I know anything more of japanese.

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