I feel quiet by the hour


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Hello to everyone!

When there is sun, I feel good. I feel quiet by the hour.

Me siento tranquila en esos momentos.

Do you think my translation is correct? Or is it just an expression with another meaning?

  • Honestly, the sentence "I feel quiet by the hour" doesn't really make much sense to me. I just don't exactly get what they are trying to say.
    Hello--I believe they are trying to say that sunshine makes them (the person) feel calm for a long time, or very good. So in this sense, I would not translate it as "esos momentos" because the use of the quantifier "by the hour" is precisely to emphasize that the quiet feeling lasts a long time, or that there is a lot of it. Although it's not as poetic as the original, I would probably say something like "Me siento tranquila durante horas."
    Teniendo en cuenta que by the hour significa cada hora, es posible que lo que quiere expresar esta persona es que mientras hace sol se siente relajada. Tal vez la idea esté en la propuesta de menley.
    I believe we are all thinking about the same idea, more or less. That's enough; I will try to translate that sentence in that way. Thanks to all of you!
    By the hour puede traducirse a menudo por la expresión "por momentos":

    Temperature is rising by the hour: La temperatura sube por momentos

    Hello translator.cat--sorry, but I would not translate "The temperature is rising by the hour" as you have. If it were "by the minute", yes, definitely, but "by the hour" is a little slower.

    And if this were the sense of the original sentence in this thread, it would have had to be "I feel quieter by the hour", I think (greenie said "more quiet" but the sense is the same). Looking back on this thread now I would probably just have agreed with greenie's first comment--it was a strange sentence in English.
    Creo que una posible traducción sería "a todas horas". Sirva como ejemplo esta frase de Sir Winston Churchill: "In the Parliaments of the Hapsburgs bands of excited deputies sat and howled at each other by the hour in rival languages" (The World Crisis, volume 5). También "a cada momento" creo que sería aceptable.
    Charlotte Perkins Gilman tiene una frase parecida en su historia corta "The Yellow Wallpaper", que copio a continuación:

    It keeps me quiet by the hour.