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Discussion in 'English Only' started by BorisDtt, May 27, 2009.

  1. BorisDtt Member

    What is the difference between "I find it interesting" and "I found it interesting"?

    If I have noticed it, and I still think it is interesting. which one should I use in daily conversation?

    If I have lost my key, and later on I know where it is, should I say I find it, or should I say I found it?
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    Both questions/examples are present tense versus past tense.

    For example, I find it interesting means that you currently find something interestering. I found it interesting means that, in the past, you found something interesting. It applies also with the key example.
  3. BorisDtt Member

    Thanks for your reply.:)

    However, my question is whether the sentense "I find it interesting" describes a status rather than an action.

    If I say: "I found it interesting", does it imply that "I think it was interesting sometime, but now i don't think so. "?

    If I say: "I find the key", I must have obtained the key before saying it, so why dont we use past tense?
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  5. BorisDtt Member

    :thumbsup: Thanks!
  6. sunyaer Senior Member

    At the end of the day, I ask somebody who had his first day of the job in the office:

    What would you say:

    "Did you find the work interesting" or "Do you find the work interesting"? (Assume he is coming tomorrow.)
  7. PaulQ

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    "I find it interesting" = It is interesting me.
    "I found it interesting" = It interested me at the time. (You now need context to say whether or not you find it interesting now.)
  8. sunyaer Senior Member

    There are two contexts here to which I would like to ask question by using “Did / Do you find it interesting”, which tense would you use?

    1. How would you ask your child about his/her new job after the first day?
    2. How would you ask your new colleague about the job during the second day? Or after the second day?
  9. PaulQ

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    1. My child has returned home; I could ask either question.
    2. "Do you find it interesting”

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