I finished 60% of the work.

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  1. abda2405 Senior Member

    Hello my dear forum dwellers! I just want to know how to say that you finished N percent of your work?(N=any number 1-100%). In Russian language we can say: "I finished 50% of my work" or "I finished work on 50%" I'm not sure what preposition to use here though... So what would you say? Thanks in advance:).
  2. Your thread title is how we say it.

  3. abda2405 Senior Member

    ​Is that the only way to say that? And what about tests? What do you say when you passed a test 60%? When I read your location I remembered The Beatles' song called A day in the life:):):).
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  4. Copyright

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    How I would say it to a fellow student who took the same test and knew what was going on: I passed the test with a 60%.

    (Although in my day, 60% was failing.)
  5. abda2405 Senior Member

    That's just what I needed! Thanks, so the preposition is WITH. Thank you all:).
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    Please note that the choice of tense makes a difference.

    Do you mean that you did half the work and that is now the end of the matter (no more work will be done)?
    In that case, we typically use the simple past, for example: 'I completed half the work', or 'I did only half the work'.

    Or do you mean that you have done 50% so far and will do the rest later?
    In that case, we typically use the present perfect, e.g.: 'I have completed half the work', or 'I have done half the work so far'.
  7. abda2405 Senior Member

    I meant I'm not going to complete it. And don't worry:). I don't have problems with tenses anymore... And even if I had I'd ask you for help:). Or I would ask of help... I don't actually know:D.
  8. Parla Senior Member

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    I'd say, "I passed the test with a score of 60 percent"—not just "with a 60 percent". (Assuming that 60 percent is considered a passing score . . . )
  9. abda2405 Senior Member

    Even in a conversation with a friend? You know, when you don't have to be too formal, and don't have to think of all grammatic rules...
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    See post 4 with its context. I still stand by that for AE.
  11. abda2405 Senior Member

    Alright, I've recently passed the english exam with a 100%! Oooh yeah:D. And that's thank to you all here:). You always help me to understand the things that are difficult for me to understand.
  12. Copyright

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    Congratulations. ;)

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