I follow the lesson outline

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I want to say "I follow the lesson outline." Can "abbozzo" be used for outline?

Seguo l'abbozzo della lezione.

Thank you for your comments! :)
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    Of course :)

    I teach a class and use an outline of the main points to cover for the lesson. Sometimes you hear it referred to as the "agenda".

    Thank you for your help!


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    Agenda is a list of topics, or an outline of things to be done.

    Agenda del giorno (daily agenda)
    Agenda della giornata/di oggi (today's agenda) might work.
    Oggi gli argomenti in agenda sono: ...........

    Schema/Traccia (Necsus' suggestion) is a sort of preliminary schedule about the lesson itself.
    Schema/Traccia della lezione odierna (today's lesson outline) might work as well.

    I hope someone else can give better advice, since I don't know what is the proper translation for "I follow the lesson outline"



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    An Italian teacher would say, when speaking, "Seguo l'ordine degli argomenti". Ordine implies both an order of topics and a judgement of relevance of the topics involved. Schema doesn't add the idea of a previous judgement. Prospetto could be used when people are able to see something written (a slide). Abbozzo doesn't fit.
    In conclusion, I am a teacher and I follow the outline for the lesson could be: Sono un insegnante e per la lezione seguo/seguirò questo ordine di argomenti ...
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