I forgot about my homework!

Discussion in 'Tagalog and Filipino Languages' started by ItalySophie, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. ItalySophie New Member

    How do i say: I forgot about my homework!
  2. DotterKat Moderator

    California, USA
    English (American)
    Nakalimutan ko ang aking takdang aralin! (I forgot my homework!)

    Or, more accurately Nakalimutan kong gawin ang aking takdang aralin! (I forgot to do my homework!)
  3. mataripis

    mataripis Senior Member

    nakaligtaan ko ang aking gawain/gagawin!
  4. puny_god Member

    English - US
    If you forgot to do your homework: Nalimutan kong gawin ang aking takdang aralin!
    If you did it but forgot to bring it to school: Nalimutan kong dalhin ang aking takdang aralin
    Nalimutan ko sa bahay ang aking takdang aralin > this one literally means I left my homework at home.
  5. deathblader009 New Member

    Caloocan, Philippines
    Filipino & English - Philippines
    You can use this if you wanted to sound formal but if you wanted to say it formally, you can say: Nakalimutan ko ang assignment ko!

    Informal Filipino consists of mostly Filipino and a few English words, so don't hesitate to speak in all-Filipino since most people here in our country doesn't speak all-Filipino like in the sentence: "Natapos [Tapos] mo na ba ang project natin?" (Are you already finished with our project?)
  6. françanglish Member

    English (Canada), Tagalog
    I agree with deathblader009. Nakalimutan ko ang assignment ko sounds more natural. Note that this is part of the evolving Fiipino language which is relatively new. Saying, "nakalimutan ko ang aking takdang-aralin," these days would sollicit odd stares towards your direction. It would be like roughly saying "Please do have a seat on the chesterfield," when most people in Canada just say "Please have a seat (on the couch)," or "Sit on the couch."

    Takdang-aralin is Tagalog.
    Assignment is Filipino borrowed from English.
  7. likeimglowinginthedark New Member

    Nakalimutan ko ang homework ko sounds more natural IMO.
  8. Bunso New Member

    "Nalimutan kong tungkol ang aking takdang aralin" Seems the closest direct translation (keeping it all Tagalog not Tag-lish) because to me the sentence has the word about in it i.e. forgot about my howework. It seems to me rather than forgetting to completed homework back at the house. I really did like that several variations were explained by the forum members as well as best way to express the idea and not draw stares from classmates.
  9. QueenInHyeon New Member

    Nakalimutan ko ang assignment ko! is the most natural way to say that.
  10. latchiloya Member

    "I forgot my homework!" is equivalent to "nakalimutan ko ang aking takdang-aralin!".(verbatim translation except the addition of the determiner "ang")

    Note: but then again, be mindful of the word "about" which certainly makes a difference in the denotation of the sentence.

    "I forgot about my homework!" is therefor equivalent to "nakalimutan ko ang tungkol sa aking takdang aralin!"^^
  11. mataripis

    mataripis Senior Member

    Hindi ba ang homework ay gawaing bahay? Kaya ang dapat ay - nakalimutan ko ang patungkol sa gawaing bahay.
  12. latchiloya Member

    takdang-aralin has been the equivalent of homework with the context given.
    gawaing-bahay would be a verbatim.^^

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