I found myself ducking a Mr. Vase.

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Acyang, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Acyang

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    I watched a sitcom, there is a conversation like below

    A: Girls, you won't believe what happened to me this afternoon. I met Mister Terrific!
    B: Don't be so quick to judge. I once thought I met Mr. Terrific. Turned out there was also a Mrs. Terrific. I found myself ducking a Mr. Vase.

    What does the last sentence mean? What is the meaning of "duck" in this sentence?
  2. lingobingo

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    Duck = bend down to be out of sight, or to avoid a flying missile (such as a vase!)
  3. kentix

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    She met Mister Terrific (her nickname for a man she liked a lot and thought she could have a relationship with).

    They she found out he had a wife, who she calls Mrs. Terrific.

    When Mrs. Terrific found out about her and what her husband was doing with her, Mrs. Terrific threw a vase at her, which the speaker nicknames Mr. Vase.
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    It's funny how you know this is from Golden Girls even without having to look it up.

    B is cautioning A that a "terrific" man might be married, which in B's case meant having to dodge a vase thrown by the "terrific" man's wife.

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