I gave him a 1 / I put his level as 1

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This an imaginary situation I created.

You are a boss at work.
Your subordinates are evaluated by "levels" on their performances by me several times a month.
1 is the lowest and 5 is the best.
One of your subordinate's level was increased from 1 to 2 by his other boss the last time, but you changed it back today.
The level changes sometimes, depending on the performance.

Would you as say "[I gave him a 1 / I put his level as 1 ]for now." as a native speaker ?

I think they are both grammatical, and I've heard of "an F" and "As" for the grade, but I'm not really sure how native speakers talk about "levels" if that is the word they use for evaluation. Also, "a 1" must be grammatical, but I don't know whether it sounds good, OK, or strange to native speakers.

Thank you.
  • perpend

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    I think that it's understood that the system uses a 1-5 scale, so, in your scenario, I'd just use "one/1". There's no need to mention a level.

    I gave him a 1.

    (I'm agreeing with aloof!)
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