I gave my rent to my landlord .. It was cash in hand.



I gave my rent to my landlord .. It was cash in hand. What sould I say when you don't get a contract for it but you pay my cash ? Hand by hand ?

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    There are two separate things happening here.
    You are paying your rent.
    This time you are giving the landlord cash - you are paying him cash in hand.

    The landlord is not giving you a receipt.
    There should be no connection between this fact and the fact that you paid him cash. He could, indeed he should, give you a receipt whether you pay him in cash, by cheque, by card, or in any other way.

    Digressing slightly from the linguistic issues ...
    ... The fact that your landlord appears to insist on cash in hand, and does not give you a receipt, suggests very strongly that you are not formally a tenant and this payment is not being declared as taxable income. Both of these could leave you vulnerable.


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    In AE we would say: cash under the table

    This would imply the untraceable, unverifiable nature of the transaction.

    You could also say: cash and a handshake. This is not any set phrase, but it would also be understood to imply a "word of mouth" transaction.


    Claude, if you are still in the Republic of Ireland then you are legally entitled to demand a rent-book from your landlord, which must be signed to indicate that the rent has been paid.