I gave thanks, I opened the box and I began (Repetir el sujeto)

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Español-España, Catalán.
I need help, because I'm not sure of this phrase:

gave a lot of thanks to my parents, I opened the box and I began to take photos to diferent things of my house.

What I want to say is: "Les di un montón de gracias a mis padres, abrí la caja y empecé a hacer fotos a diferentes cosas de mi casa".

Do you think is correct? I put correctly the "I"?
If you find some mistakes say it too if you want!
Thank you very much!:)
  • Chris K

    Senior Member
    English / US
    A few small changes:

    I thanked my parents very much, I opened the box, and I started taking ["I began to take" is also fine] photos of different things in my house.

    As far as the subject "I," you can either repeat it or not (after the first one).
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