I give good parent

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Please help me understand the meaning of 'I give good parent'
It is the title and lyric of a song from 'Crazy Ex Girlfriend S1 Ep6'.
Rebecca is singing this song when she goes to Josh's house to impress his parents.
  • fiercediva

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    The AE idiom "I give good [noun]" means that the speaker is skilled in an aspect involving the noun. Sometimes the noun can be an adjective.

    "I give good parent" = I can charm parents when interacting with them socially

    "I give good face" = I am exceptional at communicating attitude and emotions through facial expressions, especially in acting and modeling

    "I give good foreign" - quote from English actor Alfred Molina concerning his ability to play a variety of nationalities

    Although I think many people believe the idiom started with "I give good head", I think there were many precedents in non-idiomatic speech, such as "I give good advice."


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    Nobody said anything about where it started. Watch the video. It's clearly a play on I give good head.
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