I got a little bit on the line here.

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Please see:
[referring to their meeting win Carl Van Loon]

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Kevin Doyle: Hey, are you up for this? You sure? Cause I got a little bit on the line here.
Eddie Morra: Have a toast point.

Re “I got a little bit on the line here”, is this an idiom of some kind? Please can you explain what it means?

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    He wants the meeting to go well because he has something to lose if it doesn't.
    "On the line" is an idiom.
    From the WR dictionary:
    1. on the line:
      • in a dangerous or risky position: He had put his reputation on the line.
    From The Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms:
    on the line
    at risk of failing or being harmed There's a lot of pride on the line when your book is published.
    I imagine "I got a little bit on the line here" is somewhat sarcastic and what he means is
    "I've got A LOT on the line here (= at risk)."
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