I got bit by a dog.


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'I got bit by a dog.' vs. 'I got bitten by a dog.'

Quite a few times I came across 'got bit', which I believe is incorrect according to grammar rules. The past participle needed in the passive voice is 'bitten', even in AE. Do you find it acceptable?

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    It is common to use "bit" as the past participle of "bite" in conversation, but you should not use it in formal writing.
    I'd advise you not to use "bit" for "bitten" in conversation either: it's still non-standard English.


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    From correct to non-standard, in order:
    1. 'I was bitten by a dog.'
    2. 'I got bitten by a dog.'
    3. 'I was bit by a dog.'
    4. 'I got bit by a dog.'


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    Yeah, it is a causative have, but it is also used for bad experiences, isn't it? Like in:
    -I had my wallet stolen.
    -I had my roof blown last night.
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