I got teary eyed

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I give alms to poor people. One day a woman came to me and asked me to help her with some money, because she wanted to get her daughter married. She told me that her husband died five years ago. After his death, there was only one earning source in her family: her son. A month ago, he got an accident and became paralyzed. She told me that they don't have flour in their home. They are so hungry.
Her story made me emotional and I got teary eyed.

Is 'teary eyed' natural in this context or should I use 'got tears in my eyes' instead?
  • Barque

    Is 'teary eyed' natural in this context

    If I had to say that I'd put it differently however.

    Note that "alms" is a little old-fashioned. You'd normally hear "I give to charity" or "I give money to poor people" or something like that nowadays.
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