I grabbed the bait and ran,


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“When I was a youngster my father and mother taught me to pray. In the intervening years I got so sure of my own sufficiency and efficiency that I grabbed the bait and ran, but lately, when I got to the place where I could truthfully say, in the language of the old hymn, ‘Other refuge have I none,’ I’ve been on my knees creeping back toward the foot of the throne.

The quote above is said by a young man who has been through tough times as a soldier in the US. army during WWI. He is addressing the ailing old whom he owes a great deal for offering him a job and his house to live in. The whole quote is clear, I guess, except for the part in bold. What does he want to say?
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    I would have thought that metaphor was pretty clear too? When you try to catch a fish, or some kind of animal, you use bait (in the form of food) to lure it onto your hook or into your trap. If it’s lucky, or clever, it might manage to grab the bait without being caught in the trap. But quite what it relates to in that story, I don’t know.