1. brittynic Senior Member

    my friend that is learning english is always saying this when I say something excitedly like "we are going to have so much fun this weekend!"....he will say "I guess so." And then when I get upset he doesn't understand why. I don't know how to explain to him that in English this is a pretty vague, negative response. Is there a response like this in Spanish that has the same negative effect?? is it the verb suponer?? because I think that he thinks hes using adivinar or predecir...but it doesn't work that way in English. When someone says I guess so when I say "we are going to have fun" I am sad. Is there that kind of iffy,maybe...type of an answer in spanish?

    CABARET Senior Member

    México City
    spanish México
    UY! It depends the tone you use. Maybe you can say "órale" but noy in an enthusistic way. Or simply "ah". Or "te cae?" that means "do you really mean it?"
  3. xOoeL Senior Member

    Español - España
    I guess that he tries to say "Eso creo"/"Ya lo creo". It doesn't mean "adivinar" or "predecir" but "I think so" or even "I agree". It also may be vague in Spanish, but I'm sure that your friend really like your 'plans'.
    Just tell him not to use that sentence. ;)
  4. brittynic Senior Member

    haha okay I agree....but do you know a sentence in Spanish that can only be vague...because I don't think (typically) that its possible to make a positive response out of I guess so and I'm curious if there is a spanish equivalent.
  5. xOoeL Senior Member

    Español - España
    OK, I forgot the first part.
    You can tell him that what CABARET said, but it's important to know if he is from México, Cuba, España,... because it is different in each country
  6. xOoeL Senior Member

    Español - España
    "Lo que tú digas"
  7. Niriel Senior Member

    Well...you could say him that it's something like: Bueno, igual.... o bueno...aver... that means: we might have fun but there are many possibilities of not having fun, so let's see what happens...
    I'm with XOoel, I'm sure your friend likes your plans and he's just translating literally from spanish what he tries to say in english. And : "Lo que tú digas", would be like: "Yes, sure" in an ironic way, I don't think it means the same as I guess so, but well in any case...you can tell him that to stop him from saying that xD
  8. JaimeUy Senior Member

    Castellano, Uruguay
    Así de frío suena responder: “Supongo que sí”.
  9. Hesterbeat

    Hesterbeat Senior Member

    Spanglish (Spaingland)
    Both "Vale" and "Supongo" sound pretty vague and discouraging, depending of course on the intonation and gestures and stuff.

    I also have a downspirited friend whose best prediction is "Supongo". He gets on my nerves... ;)
  10. xOoeL Senior Member

    Español - España
    Cierto es. No sé cómo no caí antes, pues se parece más a la expresión en inglés.
  11. brittynic Senior Member

    hahah you guys are goooood! Thank you!

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