I had been looking forward to it

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by rhubarb123, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. rhubarb123 Senior Member

    I am writing a diary about my holidays and I was supposed to go somewhere and then fell ill. I want to say, 'I had been looking forward to it'.

    How would you say that please?

    'No avevo visto l'ora di...' ? (I don't think that's right) and how would you say the 'it' bit?

  2. TheNameOfAWind

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    we don't use the form "non vedere l'ora di" when using the trapassato prossimo, you will have to pick another expression.

    Non vedo l'ora di partire / di fare quel viaggio :tick:
    Non vedevo l'ora di partire / di fare quel viaggio :tick: (I think this one could fit your purpose as well, but I can't say without the whole sentence)

    BUT: Avevo aspettato tanto quel viaggio / Avevo aspettato quel viaggio con ansia.

    With more contest (the whole sentence would be really helpful) we can try to replace "quel viaggio" with a pronoun.
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    "Non vedo l'ora di" works as a translation for "I am looking forward to" in many cases, but it isn't an exact equivalent. For instance, it doesn't seem to work for the negative. How would you say "I have to go to the dentist tomorrow, and I'm not looking forward to it."?

    The answers already given look good to me. You could also consider:
    Ci tenevo molto a fare quel viaggio
  4. curiosone

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    I agree that in this case "non vedo l'ora" non ha senso. You really should try to translate it yourself, first (rules of the Forum and all); anyway here's my attempt:
    "Devo andare dal dentista domani, e non ne ho voglia."
  5. A worked around way to mantain the same expression in Italian could be "devo andare dal dentista domani, ma non è che non ne veda l'ora" but it is a very convoluted expression and I wouldn't recommend it because it could win you some odd look at your local osteria...

    Much better "devo andare dal dentista domani, ma non muoio dalla voglia".

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