I had dug myself into a hole

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    I am looking for an expression which would be similar to "I had dug myself into a hole", which is used when one finds that one has said or done things which then leave one cornered. The example being that I had told someone about how I enjoy cycling and that I have lots of free time and that I really like a particular venue. The person then said that since I have the time and I enjoy doing it - maybe I could cycle there with them. I don't want to, but because of what I had said I had "dug myself into a hole".
    Since I doubt a litteral translation would work I am stuck. The only thing I can think of is maybe "Je me suis coincé"?
  2. Kecha Senior Member

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    "Je suis coincé" works fine.
    If you're looking for more colourful images, "je suis au pied du mur" fits well in contexts like the one you describe.
  3. temple09 Senior Member

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    Great. Although would this suggest (as hoped) that I had done this to myself. The English expression explains that one has done this thing to oneself - I was "pieds au mur" because of what I had previously said. Can one say "Je me suis mis au pieds du mur"?
  4. Kecha Senior Member

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    You more often find "il/elle m'a mis au pied du mur", or "Mis au pied du mur, j'ai été obligé de..." or "Je me suis (re)trouvé au pied du mur".
    None implies that you did it to yourself though.

    I can't quite think of something for the moment that would imply that...
  5. ptitemarie Member

    I was thinking of something like "je me suis mis(e) dans le pétrin"... this would put a stress on the fact you put yourself in that unpleasant situation...

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