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    Greetings Fellows,
    Hope you are doing fine,
    I need help regarding a type of sentence which I'm not sure about,
    Please see this example,

    1) I had never felt so distinctly.
    2) Never had I so distinctly felt.

    Eventhough the above sentences have same meaning but the 2 sounds way better and catch the eye when reading an article, but what is the difference between the 1 and 2 ? Could you please give me some example about such sentence and what is the basic difference among them ?
  2. EnglishLearner1990

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    Both of them have the same meanings but the first one sounds more natural.
    1 - Never in all my life have I seen such a horrible thing.
    2 - Never had she been so confused.
    3 - He has never been abroad.
    4 - ‘I work for a company called Orion Technology.’
    ‘Never heard of them.’
  3. velisarius Senior Member

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    There is no context so I can't really comment on meaning, but the position of the words does make for a change in emphasis. In my opinion:

    1) I had never felt so distinctly
    2) Never had I so distinctly felt

    The second is more likely to be written than spoken.

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