I had the chance to sharpen my knowledge ... and to decipher more accurately ...



"During my former placements, I had the chance
to sharpen my knowledge in the domain of luxury and to decipher more accurately the bounds that exist between crafts arts and fine bespoke products."

My try:

"我在我的以前的实习进行了, 我had the chance 提高我的
精品业知识和敏锐地破解, 工艺美术和fine bespoke品有什么关系."

Bespoke is an British English word for "customised and personalised products".

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    I thought this sentence might be used in a résumé or something like that, so it might be better to be put in a formal way :

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    The previous post seems to suggest that U.S.E. learned to differentiate between the two, but I got the impression that U.S.E. only learned to identify the connection between the two. Is that correct?
    By the way, the correct word is "bond", not "bound".
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