I hate communists.

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Would you use nefret ediyorum or nefret ederim here?

X: Hindistan'da komünist var mı?
Y: Evet.
X: Sahi mi? Komünistlerden nefret ederim.

  • Ali Smith

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    Urdu - Pakistan
    Thanks. But why did he say "Komünistlerden nefret ederim."? Wouldn't "Komünistten nefret ederim." have meant the same thing? After all, he didn't use the plural in the first sentence.


    When asking if there are any "communists", it makes sense to go with the singular. We would also say "Evde kitap var mı?" (are there any books at home?). Using a plural in such a context is extremely rare, and it would mean you're talking about some specific group of communists or books.

    Sevmek/Nefret etmek acts differently. It depends on the context. For example, you can say "elmadan nefret ederim" - I hate (all) apples. But "komünistten nefret ediyorum" would mean "I hate THE communist". Some specific person who is a communist. I have just noticed that I've automatically used "ediyorum", it sounds better with a definite object. For a general meaning, we go with the plural here: komünistlerden.

    Tough topic.
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