I hate my job

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    How would you say "I hate my job"

    I haven't got any idea as to how to start this as all our book are packed up ready to move house. Hopefully new house, new job

    Efharisto poli

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    It's "Μισώ τη δουλειά μου". There are alternatives of course (like "σιχαίνομαι", which has strong overtones of "disgust" since that's the literal meaning of the verb, or "απεχθάνομαι" which has overtones of "revulsion") but the most literal translation is the one with "μισώ".
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    Μισώ τη δουλειά μου would be the literal translation, though there are other ways to put it, like: δεν μπορώ/ δεν χωνεύω/δεν αντέχω τη δουλειά μου (can't stand my job).
    PS, Sorry, cross-post with Ireney.

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