I hate the way I could never hate you


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inglish, united states

Can someone translate this sentence into Italian for me please??

"I hate the way I could never hate you,and the fact that I will always love you no matter what you put me through"

Thanks. :)
  • Lello4ever

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    Italia - Italiano
    "Odio il fatto che non riuscirei mai ad odiarti, e che ti amerò sempre, qualsiasi cosa accadrà"

    You're right lsp, I made a correction following your comment;)


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    Odio il fatto che non potrei mai odiarti ed il fatto che ti amerò per sempre, qualunque cosa mi faccia passare.

    EDIT: Lello, I hadn't seen your post and ask if you'll please comment on mine if it's wrong. In yours you say I've never been able to hate you, which is not quite the same tense as the original. What do you think?


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    I think your translation "che non potrei mai odiarti" is correct Lsp because I think it is referred to the future. I'd have said the same.