I have a bomb

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Hi all :)
These lines are in the script of 'Friends'.

Joey : He said "When are you gonna grow up and start being a mom?"
Ross : Wow!
Joey : Then she came back with "The question is, when are you gonna grow up and realise I have a bomb?"

from among these I don't understand an expression 'I have a bomb'.
Maybe there is likely to be something hidden meaning but I don't know.. please help me~~
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    The phrase "I have a bomb" doesn't have any special figurative meaning. It means, literally, "I have an explosive device".

    In popular imagination, it's something a terrorist might shout, or something you might say (falsely) to attract attention. Which would be a very stupid thing to do, because the kind of attention you'd attract is probably not what you wanted, but that doesn't stop some people.

    In this particular case, the joke is that Joey thought he heard his mom saying something that doesn't make any sense. He misheard her. And because Joey is not very clever, he never realises he's made a mistake, until Ross suggests it to him in the next line.
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