I have a clipping [short word?]


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The following entry has been taken from Macmillan's Open Dictionary which is crowdsourced:
Clipping (noun)
[3] a short word formed by removing part of a longer word, or the process of doing this
- Australian English has a lot of clippings, like ute (utility vehicle) and sunnies (sunglasses).
Recently I came across this [part of] dialogue taken from an animated movie:
I am the noted astrophysicist Dr. Delbert Doppler. Perhaps you've heard of me. No? Uh, I have a clipping.
Treasure Planet animated movie

The best meaning that I think would fit in the context is the one suggested above. Are you familiar with this meaning? Is it understandable to a native speaker? I am asking this since I couldn't find the aforementioned meaning in several online dictionaries!
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