I have been working here since 2000. with pause

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Could I ask please? Could I use present perfect tense continous when I am talking about activity which was interrupted in the past? I'll show it on an example:
I have been working here since 2000.
I was working here from 2000-2005, entire year 2006 I had pause, and from 2007 till now I have been working here.
Thank you.
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    As written, your sentence says to me that you've been working there during the entire period - that is, from 2000 to now with no interruption. There's no short way to explain your work history. It can be done, but not in just a few words. Here's one possibility: "I started working here in 2000, and aside from a break in 2006, I've been here ever since."


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    More vaguely, you can say, "I've been working here on and off since 2000."


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    "Off and on" works, too - but it does make it sound as though you might have left and come back more than once. That might be fine in casual conversation, but it might also make it sound as though your work history is a little more complicated than it actually is - and if you were talking to a prospective employer, that might not be a good thing.
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